Best Waking Tour in Tokyo with Local Jupiter Ishida

Welcome to Japan! I am Jupiter Ishida, a tour guide in Tokyo. I am writing this blog to make your trip to Japan more enjoyable, and I will introduce the tours I offer.

lake Kawaguchi
So many good places we have in Japan

Self Introduction

I’m delighted to help you and have fun together!

I am 31 years old and live in Tokyo. Actor by profession. I love to travel and have visited 65 countries. I also love traveling in Japan and have visited all 47 prefectures. Yes! I am an extensive traveler. I studied acting abroad in Canada and will return to Japan in 2023. After being helped by many people while traveling abroad, I started a tour guide business in Tokyo, hoping that tourists who come to Japan will fall in love with Japan even more. I like to walk around famous places and cities only local people know about. I speaks English and Spanish.

At Macchu Picchu
I’m walking 10km everyday when it’s not rainy

About the services

Currently, I offer private tours, walking tours, and consultations to set up an itinerary.

1) Private Tours

I listen to what you want to do and take you where you want to go. I can take you to famous tourist spots or places only locals know about. The price is 10,000 yen for a half day and 15,000 yen for a full day. Transportation and meals are not included, and we will use the subway for transportation.

Hidden gem in Tokyo
Shibuya crossing road

(2) Walking tour

I will conduct a walking tour with a maximum of 10 people for about 3 hours. I will take you to Asakusa, Akihabara, Ueno, and other must-visit places with explanations. The price is 3,000 yen, and the tour is scheduled to last 4 hours.

From the roof to Asakusa
Tokyo Skytree with ??
Ueno station

(3) Consultation for planning an itinerary

With my experience and knowledge of not only Tokyo but also other parts of Japan, I will support you in making your trip better by eliminating your concerns about where to go, what to see, what to eat, etc. I will help you with what’s essential and what’s not. You can consult with me on What’s up or ask questions online via zoom. The price is 50$ via PayPal.

Okayama Castle
Onomichi, Hiroshima
Seafood in Japan


I look forward to providing you with a great tour that will make you love Japan even more.Please get in touch with us at the email address below!


Japan is waiting for you!

I am also on Instagram and TikTok.
Please follow me! Have a good trip in Japan.

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