Best Tour in Tokyo with Local Guide Jupiter Ishida

Welcome to Japan! I am Jupiter Ishida from Japan Jupiter Production, a tour guide in Tokyo. I am writing this blog to make your trip to Japan more enjoyable, and I will introduce the tours I offer.

lake Kawaguchi
So many good places we have in Japan

Self Introduction

I’m delighted to help you and have fun together!

I am 32 years old and live in Tokyo. Actor and Tour Guide by profession. I love to travel and have visited 65 countries. I also love traveling in Japan and have visited all 47 prefectures. Yes! I am an extensive traveler. I studied acting abroad in Canada and will return to Japan in 2023. After being helped by many people while traveling abroad, I started a tour guide business in Tokyo, hoping that tourists who come to Japan will fall in love with Japan even more. I like to walk around famous places and cities only local people know about. I speaks English and Spanish.

At Macchu Picchu
I’m walking 10km everyday when it’s not rainy

About the services

Currently, I offer private tours, walking tours.

1) Private Tours

I can be your guide through your journey in Japan. I can take you to famous tourist spots or places only locals know about. The price is 200 USD for a half day 4 hours and 300 for a full day 10 hours. Transportation and meals are not included, and we will use the subway for transportation. I can go whenever you will visit. If you are solo traveler, just ask me about the price. I can’t make the itinerary cause Japanese rule, only travel agency can do it.

Hidden gem in Tokyo
Shibuya crossing road
Hakone Shrine
Itsukushima-Shrine, Hiroshima
Japanese Tea Ceremony

(2) Walking tour

I will conduct a walking tour with a maximum of 10 people for about 3 hours. I will take you to Asakusa, Akihabara, Ueno, and other must-visit places with explanations. The price is not confirmed, and the tour is scheduled to last 4 hours.

From the roof to Asakusa
Tokyo Skytree with ??
Ueno station
Chion-In Temple in Kyoto
Okayama Castle
Onomichi, Hiroshima
Gundam Statue in Odaiba
Seafood in Japan


I look forward to providing you with a great tour that will make you love Japan even more.Please get in touch with us at the email address below!


Japan is waiting for you!

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Japan Jupiter Production Jupiter Ishida

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