10 Best Japanese Foods You Should Eat in Japan

There are many delicious foods in Japan. Here are some of the specialties that Japanese people eat, not only sushi and ramen. You should definitely try some of these when you come to Japan! The restaurants introduced here are chain restaurants located all over Japan. You can find them wherever you go, so please consider to them when you visit Japan.

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① Curry

Curry is a well-known Japanese national dish. Everyone, young and old, male and female, loves curry rice. We recommend CoCoichi chain restaurants for your first try.

You’ll see this sign everywhere in Japan

② Tendon

Tempura is gradually becoming famous worldwide, but local people eat Tendon more often. Crispy tempura with sauce is really excellent. At first, I recommend a chain restaurant called Tenya, which is inexpensive and delicious.

Ten-Don 6$

③ Udon noodles

There are many noodle dishes in Japan, but my personal favorite is udon. The chewy noodles and the soup with dashi broth are superb! Cold udon is also delicious. I recommend Marugame Seimen, a chain restaurant, for a good start.

Cold Udon
Over 1000 stores in Japan!
I wrote about Marugame-Udon

④ Beef bowl (Gyu-don)

Everyone loves beef bowl. It is cheap, fast, and tasty. There is a beef bowl restaurant at every station. We recommend a chain restaurant called Suki-ya for starters.

Gyu-don 4$
Almost 2000 stores in Japan!

⑤ Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu is a typical Japanese dish of deep-fried pork. If you want to eat a lot of rice, eat tonkatsu. The chain restaurant called Katsuya is recommended first.

You’ll love it for sure!

⑥ Yakiniku

Whenever something makes them happy, Japanese people go to yakiniku. It is recommended because you can eat various parts of meat! I recommend the chain restaurant Gyukaku.


⑦ Takoyaki

Takoyaki is very popular in Southeast Asia these days. It is a small ball filled with an octopus. It is hot, fluffy, and super delicious. I recommend the chain restaurant Gindako.

So many flovers they have.

⑧ Katsu Curry

This is the most potent combo of the first curry with pork cutlet on top. I have never met anyone who doesn’t like Katsu Curry. It is absolutely delicious. We recommend Gogo Curry, a chain restaurant. More shops info is here Top 5 Katsu Curry restaurant to visit in Tokyo

Find this gollila!

⑨ Gyoza

Gyoza in Japan is eaten grilled. Gyoza is served as a side dish and eaten with white rice. It is the greatest happiness. I recommend the chain restaurant “Ohsho”.

It cheap and tasty!
They have 700 stores!

⑩ Shabu-Shabu

Yakiniku is popular, but shabu-shabu is also popular. You put vegetables in a pot with soup stock, add thin slices of meat, and eat. It is delicious. I recommend a chain restaurant called On-yasai. The “On-yasai” is also a trendy dish.

You can eat as much as you can!
Eating Shabu-Shabu is so much fun!
200 stores in Japan

Of course, and more FOOD!

I mentioned 10 lists, but so many food we have. I’m gonna write about more stay tuned my blog or TikTok. I hope you will come to Japan and enjoy eating delicious Japanese food!

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