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Best 5 Sento Public Bath in Tokyo

Japan is the country of Hot Spring. I guess that many people know that. How about Public Bath? Yes, we Japanese know that. We love Public Bath it’s called Sento(銭湯)There are around 500 Public...

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Best 5 things to do in Rebun Island Hokkaido

Rebun Island is recommended for nature lovers. Rebun Island is the northernmost inhabited island in Japan. The island is called “Floating Island of Flowers” due to its cool climate even in mid-summer, which allows...

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The Best 10 restaurants in Sapporo, Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a fascinating tourist destination, especially for food lovers. Sushi, Sashimi-don, Ramen, Curry, and mutton barbeque. Anyway, I’m Jupiter Ishida; I traveled all prefectures in Japan. Today I’ll introduce my favorite Restaurant in...