The Best Things to do in Toyama, Japan

Do you Know Toyama-ken?

Toyama is my favorite city. But actually, it is not a very famous tourist destination. Toyama is highly my recommendation for all tourists, and they have everything. After reading this blog, you would definitely want to visit there.

toyama city
so many reasons to visit here

Where is Toyama-ken

Toyama Prefecture is one of the prefectures in the Hokuriku Region. It is rich, located between the Sea of Japan and the Tateyama mountain range. A famous nearby city is Kanazawa. With the recent opening of the Shinkansen bullet train line from Tokyo, it takes only about 2 hours to get there from Tokyo.

Amazing Sushi, Sashimi-don and Seafood

Toyama is famous for having the best sushi in Japan. The reason is Toyama Bay. Toyama Bay is so abundant with fish that it is called a natural fish tank. Nutritious melted snow water flowing from the Tateyama Mountain Range is one factor that makes the fish grow so delicious. Famous seafood here includes cold yellowtail, white shrimp, and firefly squid. Whatever you eat is delicious.

sushi in Toyama

Extraordinary Scenery entire Toyama

In addition to food, Toyama has a rich natural environment. The sea is wonderful because it faces the ocean, but the mountains are also wonderful. You can see mountains of 3000m class from the city, and you can take a cable car to 2500m. The scenery is amazing and the place is loved by mountain climbers.

Tateyama mountain
Gokayama old house

Easy to access from Big city

With the Shinkansen bullet train passing through, access to the area has become outstanding. It takes only 2 hours from Tokyo. From the famous Kanazawa, it takes only 15 minutes. It is also easily accessible from Osaka and Nagoya by rapid train.

Toyama bullet train station

Where should I visit in Toyama

Toyama is a small prefecture, but there are many places to see. I will introduce three of them in this article, though I will write more about them in detail in another article.

Toyama city

Toyama City is the central city of Toyama Prefecture, with a population of 1 million. There are many famous sushi restaurants, Toyama Castle, and views of the Tateyama mountain range. The compact size of the city makes it a great place to stay. You can stay couple nights there, you would love Toyama.

toyama city
mountains are everywhere
Top ratted sushi resutanrant name SUSHI JIN
Toyama city with me

Unatsuki hotspring

Unatsuki Onsen is a famous hot spring resort in Toyama. In addition to enjoying the high-quality hot spring water, you can take a ride on the trolley train and enjoy the view of the valley!

train goes to the valley
It looks like Switzerland?
unatuski onsen
hot spring is just awesome

Himi city

Himi City is famous for its bri and manga. It takes one hour by train from Toyama City. There are many statues of anime in the city. You can also enjoy excellent seafood bowls at a restaurant in the Himi fishing port.

Yellowtail Sashimi-don at Himi city, it costs 20$
himi city
Himi is anime city
Japan sea
Japan sea

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